Vertical Data Engineering Systems

Objective Security Technology


With over 50 combined years of proven technology delivery success supporting a wide range of clients, VDES has and continues to position itself in delivering strategic business solutions and services transforming our client's daily operations. We solve complex technical, and information security challenges to help our clients protect their organizations.

Information Security / Cybersecurity

Vertical Data ES’s proactive risk management audit can uncover hidden security risks, implementation inefficiencies, and more! Do you have a clear Technology Roadmap as you bring new customers and users? @VDES working with dynamic startups, we have experienced strategic and efficient implementation that is fact-based. In today’s interconnected world, security risks are ever-present. We develop risk management solutions, review, audit, develop security operations, and procedures. We review organizational security compliance criteria, develop solutions, and user training. Whether you're seeking security advice or a complete service solution, VDES should be your preferred choice for advanced security needs.

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Software/Systems Integration

VDES is a Validated Software Provider/Validated Integrator with Metrc in the State of Maryland. Metrc Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Regulation and Compliance system (Metrc) is responsible for the implementation of the technical and operational components of the tracking system on behalf of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). VDES’s expertise and experience are ready to take your cannabis business to the next level.


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Software Development

Enable technology competitive advantage and promote organizational change management by leveraging principles and best practices to ensure that technology solutions meet and exceed business objectives through proper planning, operational preparation, organized deployment, and ongoing performance measurement.VDES’s Software Development Services includes customized development plans, competitive pricing, nearshore and offshore resources, robust and scalable software solutions, ranging from dynamic startups, small firms, and established enterprises. We have extensive experience and partnerships working with us to excel in every client project we undertake. 

Technology Management Infrastructure/IT Mordenization

VDES’s Consulting Services Portfolio includes administration, strategic management support, customized support plan, Information Security governance planning, and maintenance. 

Selecting the right infrastructure is key to successful implementation. VDES advises you on selecting the right partner for your requirements and designs your implementation with minimal complexity and cost. No more bulk buying of hardware. Looking at cloud options. Whether a Greenfield cloud implementation for your enterprise environment, or an upcoming business venture, or migration of existing infrastructure to the cloud – Our dedicated team of experts is available round the clock to ensure that your enterprise is always up and optimally run – freeing up your time and effort to focus on your business!

Architecture and Planning

VDES understands your need to build a robust and scalable enterprise computing environment for your business. Strong architecture and rigorous planning are the keys! From working with dynamic startups and established businesses, VDES has expertise with over 50 years of combined experience in managing enterprise technology and migrating businesses to the cloud!

Website & Application Development

You have a unique requirement or an idea for improving your business, that’s great; VDES provides web design and development services customized to you. We partner with experienced Web Developers to design dynamic E-commerce websites on various platforms as per client requirements. We come up with innovative designs which are suitable for your business. Third-Party applications integration has become the need of the day! Each company uses different services and to streamline the workflow, it is crucial to have these applications integrated. Our strong team of developers will manage all integrations for your unique requirements.

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We are glad that @VDES helped us to quickly navigate the pandemic and kept us in full operations mode. Thank you for the swift action and knowledgeable team!

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